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GEHA's partnership with the Veterans Community Project

Wednesday, November 1, 2023 | Posted in GEHA Connection Dental Network News

GEHA’s partnership with the Veterans Community Project over the past four years has directed more than $225,000 toward supporting the health care needs of veterans. This includes hundreds of toothbrushes provided to veterans in the Kansas City area, hometown to GEHA headquarters.

As a participating provider with the GEHA Connection Dental Network, we ask you to support our veterans and their families this Veterans Day and every day. Strategies to show your support may include:

    • Share gratitude and respect for service.
    • Focus on prevention for oral health and overall well-being through recommendations:
      • Provide guidance for oral hygiene (toothbrushing, flossing, water flossing, rinsing, fluoride use, proxy brushes to clean between teeth, etc)
      • Eat healthy low-fat, low-sugar foods, including fruits and vegetables
      • Schedule professional dental cleanings to remove local irritants
      • Exercise to stay well and prevent inflammation and obesity
      • Eliminate the use of tobacco products and limiting/ceasing alcohol consumption
    • When veterans are in need of treatment, provide quality care as you do with all your patients.
    • Screen and refer veterans to the appropriate caregivers for non-dental health and well-being.

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