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GEHA Connection Dental Network Team

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | Posted in Connection Dental Network News

Our network is comprised of 3 teams who assist our providers. Each team contributes an important element to assist our provider network.

The Network Development team helps new providers join the network. They reach out to non-participating providers and follow up on provider nominations submitted by patients. When a provider submits a new application, it is managed by this team.

The application then is sent to our Credentialing team. As part of the Credentialing team’s process, they validate the highest level of education, primary source verify all licensures, validate eligibility for state and federal programs, review for current malpractice insurance, and review settlement and malpractice history for each provider. Our Credentialing team works to process all applications within 30-45 days of receipt.

Once a provider is credentialed into the network, providers receive a dedicated Provider Relations account specialist. Our Provider Relations team makes our providers feel at home in our network. This team is also here to provide ongoing support to participating providers.

Streamlined teamwork is very important to us at the GEHA Connection Dental Network. We recognize that each team plays an important role in your participation in our network.

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