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Artificial Intelligence in dentistry

Friday, July 8, 2022 | Posted in GEHA Connection Dental Network Provider Newsletter

Artificial Intelligence in dentistry
The dental benefits industry increasingly uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process claims, improve payment turnaround and increase efficiencies.

AI can help bridge the relationship with the provider and payor in several ways:

  • Create potential for real-time authorization and claims processing
  • Help providers explain benefit coverage and guidelines to patients in real time
  • Provide instant feedback to providers, which can reduce the communication time with the payor when submitted claims have insufficient and missing elements
  • Establish consistent clinical claims reviews

Another benefit of AI is the ability to identify fraud, waste and abuse. This will reduce the cost of care and eliminate the need for increased discounts and higher premiums with no improvement in health outcomes.

To learn more about AI and see an example of new diagnostic software in dentistry, read this preliminary performance diagnostic study from the National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine.