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The Dental Quality Alliance

Friday, July 15, 2022 | Posted in GEHA Connection Dental Network News

The Dental Quality Alliance, or DQA, was established by the American Dental Association to develop performance measures for oral health care. The DQA is an organization of major stakeholders in oral health care delivery that use a collaborative approach to develop oral health care measures. The mission of the DQA is to advance performance measurement as a means to improve oral health, patient care and safety by building consensus. 

This mission is carried out through three objectives:

  1. To identify and develop evidence-based oral health care performance measures and measurement resources.
  2. To advance the effectiveness and scientific basis of clinical performance measurement and improvement.
  3. To foster and support professional accountability, transparency and value in oral health care through the development, implementation and evaluation of performance measurement.

As part of GEHA Connection Dental Networks mission to provide quality dental care to members, CDN is aware of DQA initiatives. Performance measures generated by DQA may have implications for the future of dentistry.

Learn more on the DQA website.