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Part D Prescriber Enrollment - Information for Dentists

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 | Posted in Industry News

Part D Prescriber Enrollment Prescribers, including dentists, who write prescriptions for Part D drugs are to be enrolled in an approved status or validly opted out with Medicare, in order for their patients’ prescriptions to be covered under Medicare Part D. Full enforcement of Part D prescriber enrollment requirement will begin on January 1, 2019. Before that date, full enforcement date CMS will begin targeted enforcement through additional safeguards to increase prescriber enrollment, identify and eliminate vulnerabilities, and strengthen the Medicare Part D program. To learn more about these additional safeguards visit the Prescriber Enrollment Part D Home Page.

Why should a dentist enroll in Medicare to prescribe Part D drugs?

Approximately 100,000 dentists currently write prescriptions for Medicare Part D beneficiaries; enrollment is easy, free of charge, and can be done on-line in about 20 minutes. By enrolling in Medicare, a dentist assists the federal government in fighting fraud in the Medicare Part D program. Fighting fraud in the Medicare Part D program is a high bipartisan priority of Congress. Dentists can also assist the federal government in fighting fraud in the Medicare Part D program by making sure that the taxonomy associated with their NPIs reflect that they are a dentist (and not a dental assistant, resident, or hygienist, for example). Unenrolled dentists’ Medicare patients may choose to find a dentist who is enrolled in Medicare so that their prescriptions are clearly coverable by the Part D program. A few resources on specific to Dentists can be found in the links below.


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